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The first time I walked into Wardy Wellness I could barely walk. I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 7 months earlier. My regular doctors had tried several treatments but nothing was helping. Dr. Wardy was recommended to me by a friend that had been seeing him for chiropractic care, and she told me that he looked at wellness as a whole picture. As I shuffled into his office, I remember thinking at 30 years old, it doesn’t get much worse than this. Dr. Wardy did a whole workup on me and we began working together toward getting the pain and inflammation under control. Only problem was, I wasn’t looking at wellness as a whole. I wanted immediate relief without having to change my habits and didn't understand the correlation between food and stress and my autoimmune disease. A few months later I had to move and stopped seeing Dr. Wardy. Over the next 2 years, my disease got worse. I was now pushing 225 pounds and taking 1600mg of Ibuprofen a day in addition to taking two shots of immune suppressant drugs in the stomach per week. All the while still having flare ups and being sick all the time. In December of 2013 I had decided I had had it, and called Clarissa Wardy. I knew she was doing nutrition counseling and at the very least I was ready to do whatever it took to lose the weight. I started on the Ideal Protein Program and was on that for about 6 months. In that time frame, I got down from 225 to 170. I decided to give Dr. Wardy another try. I was feeling a little better and had finally developed a sense of willpower. I was still having flare ups even though I was eating clean, so we did the Alcat Test, and found out I had several food sensitivities and just didn't know it. I switched to a Paleo lifestyle, eliminating the foods that I was sensitive to. We have used the infra-red sauna for pain management and detox, therapeutic massage, laser therapy, and consistent chiropractic care. Now in December 2015, I can happily say that I have weaned myself off the shots and am now down to 160 pounds. I am able to work out every day, and I continue to eat right and do my very best to manage my stress. My RA is still there and sometimes flares up, but it is VERY rare and only takes about 24 hours to get back to normal. In addition to now having the pain and inflammation under control, I have gained something even better; I know how to listen to my body and recognize when things are getting out of whack. This allows me to address the problems right away instead of allowing them to linger leading to more disease. Between the staff at Wardy Wellness and my faith, I have regained my health and have gotten my life back. There are not enough words to express what a blessing that is.


After 14 years of living with chronic neck pain I had heard of the K-Laser and called the company to inquire who might have one in the area, I was given Dr. Wardy's name and number. I started coming in three times a week for laser therapy and chiropractic adjustments an in a few months I was able to to cut my pain medications in half the dose. It was the first time in 14 years I had any long term relief. Now, a few more months later I am down to 1/4 of my dose. I hope in time to get off my pain medications completely. I also had high blood pressure that would require 911 calls and trips to the emergency room. After doing Dr. Wardy's saliva and hormone test and starting his supplements, I have  finally for the first time in four years become stable. Doctors were using my blood cortisol level to treat me for high levels when after saliva testing it turned out to be the problem as to why my blood pressure would peak over 200/100 and require emergency room visits. I am currently taking Dr. Wardy's supplements and average around 110/65.


 I met Dr. Wardy, in December 2013 when I was suffering from insomnia, low energy, and was struggling with an unexplained 20 lb weight gain. During our consultation he was thorough and informative as well as displayed a genuine concern for my predicament. He was honest about my treatment and recovery process which immediately put me as ease as well as gave me a sense of relief knowing that I would be able to resume a healthy lifestyle again. He suggested that I follow a regimen of natural products from his clinic. Two nights later, I slept the entire night for the first time in what seemed like ages!! Following Dr. Wardy's suggestions, I started to sleep well again and have dropped all the unwanted weight. I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Dr. Wardy and his staff are a true blessing. Thank you!


After being very sick for years and going to countless doctors for answers, that I felt at the time would never be answered. I know Wardy Wellness have been a God sent. And I found a clinic that addressed every ailment of my sick body. I have suffered through Cushings Disease, Hypothyroidism,Adenomyosis and countless miscarriages. Wardy Wellness Chiropractic has been the answer I have searched for. Starting with Clarissa Wardy and Ideal Protein program, I reached my dream weight in 23 weeks. The detoxification of my system and learning to eat right for my health have been life changing! Following the continuation of balancing my body with Dr Wardy, has been the missing piece to the puzzle that is my body. His alignment isn't just of the skeletal part of the body, but of the internal organs and your emotional state of my mind. Learning that everything is connected and important for everything to function properly is the best therapy I could of prayed for. Looking back at pictures of my self is just a reminder that if you want to be healthy and seek answers, there is a clinic in El Paso, with a staff that cares. All that is asked of you is that you follow your health plan and be patient. I am very proud to say "I am healthy". Be your own advocate and research homeopathic medicine,detox your environment as well as your body. Thank you Dr Wardy and Clarrissa, for I am a different healthy girl, I am forever greatful. Wardywellnessforlife! !☺


We are very pleased with Dr. Wardy's treatment on our son.  When our son was three months old he began to suffer an unknown inflammatory skin condition.  Some of the symptoms included welts, excessive itching and swelling.  He was in much pain, uncomfortable and scratched constantly.

We took our son to his pediatrician and the doctor’s diagnosis was that our son suffered from a severe case of eczema and referred us to a general dermatologist.  After a visit to the dermatologist we left that office with a: “You have a long road ahead of you and you will need to seek out-of state help.

We continued to search for alternatives and decided to have Dr. Wardy evaluate him.  Dr. Wardy was able to diagnose the issue and immediately formulated a treatment plan.  Within the first twenty-four hours we noticed improvement and he continued to progress after each visit.

It has now been almost four months since our first visit and we are grateful that Dr. Wardy made the time to see us on a short notice.  Dr. Wardy’s professionalism and compassion is extra evident given our infant’s age.

We highly recommend Dr. Wardy for persons of all ages.


I had lower back pain that was keeping me awake at night. After seeing Dr. Wardy, I feel better than ever. I no longer need to use pain cremes such as ben-gay or tiger balm and no more ice packs before I go to bed. The staff has been great; very friendly and attentive. I recommend Dr. Wardy to all of my friends with any type of back or joint pain. Thank you!


I have been to many chiropractors over the years, and I got the same results at each. They temporarily relieved my pain but it always came back. When I went to Dr. Wardy's office it was unlike any chiropractor I have ever been to. On my first visit he did a thorough exam and didn't just check me structurally, but looked at my whole body for imbalances and stressors that might be causing my problem. He found the root of my pain so that it wouldn't return. I got better results in one week than I have gotten in years with other doctors. If your looking to get better and stay better then you must visit Wardy Wellness.


I was having terrible neck/shoulder pain but I was very nervous about going to Wardy Wellness...I had a couple of "not so great" experiences with other chiropractic offices. My husband kept telling me that Dr. Wardy was very different and I should go. I started going there in March and after my very first visit I felt better! It was amazing...the techniques that Dr. Wardy uses are so different than any other place--and I have learned so much about taking care of myself. I am also a fan of Nutri-West supplements--they are amazing. I feel so good now and I can't imagine ever going anywhere else.


Wardy Wellness is the place to go if you are looking for quality chiropractic care!!! 3 months ago when I first walked in, I could barely walk due to rheumatoid arthritis. Now with weekly visits, supplements, and diet recommendations...I feel almost normal. He doesn't just treat the symptom, but works to correct the cause. Everyone at this practice is extremely friendly and caring. Truly the best in El Paso!


Dr. Wardy and his staff are extremely knowledgable and friendly. HIs chiropractic care in conjunction with his recommended nutritional supplements have helped me out with any injuries I have had. In addition to being a wonderful doctor, I also call Dr. Wardy and his staff my friends!


I have lived a very active lifestyle for most of my life. Over time I started to have chronic pain in my right shoulder. I ignored it like most of us do and it steadily got worse. It got to the point where I could hardly perform my daily activities. I was told by a friend to visit Dr. Wardy because he had a cold laser that could help me. At first I was reluctant once Dr. Wardy told me how the laser worked, it sounded a bit too good to be true. After the first treatment I was in complete awe with how great my shoulder felt and how fast he was able to restore my range of motion. After just six visits my shoulder felt brand new and I was able to return to a pain free life. I now see Dr. Wardy to maintain my active lifestyle.


 I've had chronic headaches for as long as I can remember. I was skeptical to visit a chiropractor because I didn't know much about them. After visiting with Dr. Wardy and learning about chiropractic and how your nervous system works I decided to give it a try. After the first week I immediately noticed a difference in the intensity of my headaches and they didn't last as long. During the second week I started to notice that I wasn't having them as frequently. Three weeks into my treatment my headaches just disappeared. After my headaches stopped Dr. Wardy talked to me about the importance of wellness care to prevent my headaches from returning. I now see him on a monthly basis and my headaches haven't ever returned.


After having a heart attack and bypass surgery, I was often fatigued. I usually had to take an afternoon nap. Once I began being being treated by Dr. Wardy, I had much more energy and now I no longer have to nap during the day. Also, my neck and back are much more flexible now than before I began treatments. I highly recommend Dr. Wardy not only for his knowledge and skill, but also for his state -of-the-art equipment.


I came to Dr. Wardy as a diabetic with a severely cirrhotic liver, severely overweight, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. I was taking over 20 different pills a day for everything. I was told by my M.D. that I had about three years to live because my liver was going to fail and because I was diabetic I was not eligible for a liver transplant. Dr. Wardy took a completely different approach in treating me and looked at my body as a whole. Three months after being treated by Dr. Wardy my liver was no longer cirrhotic and was back to normal size, I lost 40 pounds, my blood pressure decreased, my cholesterol lowered, I no longer take all those pills, and the difference in how I feel is like night and day. I guess you can say that Dr. Wardy somewhat has saved my life and added more quality years to my life.

- Lewis

After living a very active lifestyle, I started having irregular joint pain that soon increased to severe non-stop joint pain throughout my body. I spent over a year lying on the couch or bed with a heating pad moving it from spot to spot. I was unable to do the simplist of daily activities. Finally after many tests I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and then told there was nothing they could do except giving me very strong pain medication. I saw Dr. Wardy and he gave me a specific diet to follow, detoxed my body, and gave me mega doses of specific natural supplements. He also treated me with cold laser technology and regular adjustments.I followed it faithfully and after the first week I had a few days that my pain started to decrease. The second week I had complete days where I was pain free. By the end of one month I was virtually pain free. My supplementation was adjusted and I began exercising again and could cary out my daily activities with no pain. I rarely ever have fibromyalgia pain now for over 2 years and when I do it is always because I trigger it by bad diet choices. I have my life back thanks to Dr. Wardy!


For the past year and a half or two, I have suffered from arm numbness and tension between my shoulder blades. Working a desk job and going to school full-time really strained my arm. I would wake up in the middle of the night from the pain and numbness in my right arm. It was difficult to even perform daily activities without having to shake my arm out. After the first visit, I noticed immediate results but was not too hopeful since I had seen prior doctors who gave me medication telling me I had carpel tunnel. As the week wore on, my arm continued getting better and after 4 weeks I no longer had any pain or numbness! Dr. Wardy really changed my life. I mean it, NO MORE PAIN! :)


When my wife told me about wardy wellness's weight loss program I was skeptical about it. As a 50+ year old lifelong struggler with weight issues, I have tried most diets with limited success. I would gain the weight right back on when I stopped the program. My wife found Wardy Welllness and convinced me to go with her. Together we have been losing inches, pounds, and enjoying a return of energy and general good health. Since September 2015 I have lost 10 inches off my waist and lost over 94 pounds. My wife has lost over 45 pounds. I have also stopped needing blood pressure medicine and my sleep and energy are great! We are very happy with the knowledge of nutrition and support we have received form Wardy Wellness. 


I am 61 years old and had been struggling with my weight and generally not feeling well. My sister has a co-worker that went to the Wardy Wellness Clinic with amazing results. So my sister and I started this journey together. Going to Wardy Wellness and working with Clarissa Wardy has been a game changer! Under her guidance and supervision I was able to lose over 30lbs but the most amazing benefit from my journey was the absence of headaches. I was on migraine medication because my headaches were debilitating. I am proof that Clarissa Wardy is the real deal. I recommend this clinic if you are ready to feel good! 


Call now for a free consultation  (915)760-4700

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